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4K is a resolution videographers can film in, It's 4 times the quality of standard resolution also known as 1080P,

Most TV shows, Online streaming and content are available in 1080P with some opting to offer 4K as an upgrade as more TV's and devices become compatible with the upgraded resolution 4K offers.

What are the benefits of having your Wedding filmed in 4K?

- 4K is 4 TIMES THE RESOLUTION of standard 1080P,

It's crispy clear and super sharp, Bringing the day to life even further.


Say you've got your film back and love a frame from it but don't have that exact shot from your photography, 4K allows you to take a 12MP frame/screenshot from the video which can then be printed/posted/kept and it's still high resolution.

( Nerd alert - Every second of video is 24 frames, Meaning if you have a 10 minute Film,

You'll have nearly 15,000 frames to choose from for a still photo )

- It's FUTURE PROOFING your Film,

4K has been around for a while now but generally most of our TV's, Devices and computers are only streaming content in 4K. As we move forward, 4K will be the next common resolution and your film won't have fallen behind the times.

- For small weddings, You could in theory have just a videographer if your on a tight budget and take your own photo's from your Film.

- 4K just sounds pretty cool, You know? 


An example of 4k vs 1080p


Good question -

4K is extremely demanding to create in terms of equipment,

It's 4 times the quality of standard HD but it's also 4 times the size in terms of shooting, processing and editing.

It means all our gear must be able to not only create 4K films but store, render, process and edit them.

Taking time and costing money.

A couple of reasons why it costs more for the client - 

- 4K shooting means 4K or more camera's, compatible SD cards, hard drives, powerful computers and processors.

- It takes longer to edit and render, An average wedding film in HD takes around 60 minutes to render once the editing process is complete - 4K can take up to 3 hours.

- USB delivery or online gallery delivery costs more due to larger file sizes.

- It lengthens the whole editing process due to larger file sizes and processing demands.

Keen to learn more or see how it could work with your Wedding film?

Drop us a line and we will get back to you asap.

The cost for this upgrade is $750 and must be confirmed prior to the

Wedding day so the wedding can be filmed in 4K.

It cannot be done after the wedding.

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