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Emily + Jason

Emily + Jason tied the knot on the beautiful Sunshine Coast at Twin Waters Novotel in late November 2021, with their nearest and dearest.

We asked them a few questions about their day and lead up below 👇🏼


Where did you get married and

what made you choose that venue/area?

" We got married at the Novotel Resort Twin Waters at the Sunshine Coast Queensland. The venue was the perfect spot for us. It was an away venue for us and we wanted somewhere that all of our guests could stay and not have to worry about transportation home. We also wanted our wedding to be a weekend holiday for not only us but our guests! We couldn’t recommend it enough, the day ran so smoothly and the staffs were incredibly accommodating. "


For those future brides and grooms out there,

What advice would you give now after having your day?

" The best advice we could give it to just be prepared prior to your wedding.

So many couples told us about the stress they felt leading up to their wedding and we never felt one single ounce of stress in the lead up (Besides the good old COVID-19 scares of course). We made sure that all of our checklist was ticked off well in advance so that we could really relax in the build-up and soak it all in.

The day goes by in a blink of an eye and once the day rolls

around there really is nothing more that can be done or that you can do so the best thing to

do is to have a glass of champagne, soak up all of the love and enjoy every single second of it. If there is a hiccup or something goes wrong, turn a blind eye and just know that

whatever is meant to be on the day will be. We also recommend to anyone we know that

our best decision was getting a videographer alongside photographs. The memories are so

special and amazing to look back onto as well as your photos, the day flies by so fast and it is so magical to relive every single moment all over again, we couldn’t recommend that

enough and still get butterflies every time we watch our wedding flim or look at our wedding

photos. "


Was there a moment in the day that stood out for you both?

"The wedding ceremony and the lead up prior to would have to be the most memorable and special moment of our day.

The nerves, excitement, anticipation and emotion that

overwhelm you is just surreal. We really can’t say it enough SOAK IT ALL IN! Enjoy it, laugh,

cry, smile, feel every bit of emotion on the day because it really is the most magnificent day

of your life. "


How did you find your wedding vendors?

" We found a lot of our wedding vendors through social media.

We found this was the best way to catch the vibes of each person we were putting our trust into on the day. We wanted a day that was fun, energetic and full of laughter, hence every vendor that we chose was absolute perfection and filled our vibe and energy to an absolute tee. They really do become your best friends on the day of your wedding so be sure to search and read reviews to make sure that they are everything you could desire. Adam and Lex were truly like our best friends, we want to get married again just so we can spend another day with them again, they really are the best and made everything so incredible. "


How was your whole process and

experience with Wild creative media?

" I could write about these two for days. Adam and Lex we’re simply the best.

We don’t want to end this wedding journey with them because it has been so, so wonderful. We found them on Instagram and after stalking their page for approximately ten seconds we were sold.

The sheer beauty, emotion and creativity that their images and films show speak for

themselves. I reached out to them instantly and from their first email I knew they were the

absolute perfect match for us for our special day. Not to mention our jaws nearly dropped to

the floor when we saw how affordable their pricing was. They keep it real, their vibe and

energy is so great. They showed just as much excitement for our wedding day as we did and any time we needed to reach out to them they were back to us straight away and were

always so accommodating and understanding.

They even reached out to us months before

the wedding just to check in on how we were holding up amongst the COVID situation, they

are simply that wonderful.

The process was so easy, given we had zero clue how a wedding day/ night should be structured they even guided us to what they would recommend in

terms of how the morning of the wedding ran to make sure they captured the most

memorable and special moments, and thank goodness they did because it was perfect! The photos clearly speak for themselves and make it very clear as to how beautiful Lexi can

capture a magical moment. Alongside Adam’s stunning videography which has made every

person who watched our video shed a tear. As we are two of the most awkward people in

front of the camera, their banter and hilarious nature made us feel so comfortable and at

ease all day. We would hands down recommend them above and beyond! You’d have to be

crazy not to book them for your own! "


Lastly, Top tips for those getting married soon?

" If we could give anyone some top tips for their wedding firstly, PHOTOS AND VIDEO!

It was the best decision we made. To have not only our photos but our video to look back on brings us back to our perfect day and gives us ALL THE FEELS! Definitely do what makes you happy.

Everyone has their own thoughts and ideas when it comes to weddings which makes it very

easy to get caught up in what others want/suggest but at the end of the day it’s YOUR day

and YOUR wedding so make it YOU! Finally, as said before just soak it all in, each and every moment!

It’s the most special day of your life so be sure to latch onto every moment, kiss,

laugh, smile and tear! "


Can confirm, We didn't pay for all that love, hahaha!

Emily + Jason's Dream Team :

Photo + Film - Wild Creative Media

Celebrant - Sommer Saunder

Venue - Novotol Twin Waters

Make up - Madi Caldicott

Hair - Sarah Neill

Dress - White Lily Couture

Florals - Bellissmo Blooms

Check out Emily + Jason's incredible Wedding day below.

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