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WildCreativeMedia in Bali - Blog

The first week of March we packed our bags and headed to BALI!, for a confidential content mission. Although it was Confidential we still got a day to capture our own content to share with you all and the results... were amazing!

Adam and I have both traveled and been to quite a number of beautiful countries, but we had never been to Indonesia - Bali. So this trip was even more exciting for us, as we know many Aussies (almost everyone) had been to Bali, many times even. We have heard so many good things and places to explore, so we couldn't contain our excitement and had to share with you all that we were going somewhere and had keep quiet until now!

If you haven't watched the Vlog yet it's Feb-Mar 2019 Vlog #2, we took our cameras and captured a few days we had in Bali - Link Here

We based in Seminyak for the week, where we were close to a few popular Cafes, such as Kynd Community - Vegan, Plant based food, big pink walls, with stunning art and the most beautiful Granola & Dragon Fruit Bowls ever! (like acai bowls), Coffee Cartel - Big plates of yummy food, amazing coffee, hot and cold that you can even print on and we can't forget the really good wifi. Strawberry Fields - A trendy Cafe and Bar open Breakfast Lunch and Dinner and everywhere In-between with amazing smoothies, juices and cocktails, Very easy to find with it's big glowing Strawberries out front.

During our day off we trekked through some lush rainforest, hiked a lot of stairs and maybe had one too many slips in mud. We left bright (well dark) and early in the morning to beat traffic and what we saw was beautiful streets full off locals as they started their day before the suns heat was able to effect them. The streets came to life the further we got from Seminyak as the sun started rise we could see people dressed in white starting their Ogoh Ogoh Celebrations. We got to Tegallalang Rice Terraces, we were able to explore the Rice Terraces as the sun's rays started to trickle through. Heading to the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, as a must do when in Ubud, followed by a few Pura Temples in the area, Gunung Kawi and Tirta Empul. Finishing the day off with the Ubud Traditional Markets.

Whilst in Bali we were lucky enough to attend and experience a sacred time of year for the Balinese people - Nyepi. It was their New Year, although very different to ours back home I must point out. Read more below.

A few Photos to show what we saw and what we did;


WildCreative & Kynd Community

Kynd Community is a vegan, plant based Cafe that we collaborated with during our stay in Seminyak.

Kynd is an amazing cafe that has a love for humans working with, not against animals!

This Cafe supports and serves only Plant based food and drink and we could not even tell the difference! We love this cafe with its bright pink theme and amazingly friendly staff and good vibes. You may have seen a few of their painted walls and murals on social media or friends posts if you haven't been yourself.

A few snaps from our time at Kynd Community Cafe;


Ogoh Ogoh and Nypei Day

A little about our experience with, Ogoh Ogoh, (like NYE) and Nyepi (like New Years Day) This was the Ogoh Ogoh in our street, that we followed down to the main street to the main intersection that all the locals and tourists came together, as we all cheered and started to take photos and joining in on the parade, the Locals with their Ogoh Ogoh's paraded with pride. .

The powerlines were low but that didn't phase anyone, a big bamboo stick was carried and like a fork but was lifted up and pushed the powerlines higher then the impressive statue.

We watched as the crowed cheered on the Ogoh Ogoh for our street as the children danced as the boom of the drums echoed down very crowded streets.

For Nyepi, the main day, Locals believe the spirits that inhabited their Ogoh Ogoh statues, roam the streets looking for somewhere to go, so everyone must stay in their houses and in the confines of their property, This closes all shops, all bars and cafes and even the airport shut down for the day. There is to be no sounds or light, this say is to reflect on the past year and help bring good luck for the new year ahead..

Yes you read that correctly, no one was to roam the streets at all, Including all tourists. we were stuck indoors, not allowed to make loud noise, not use any light at night, nor could we go outside our complex. We were lucky though we had our own private villa, so we could be in the pool and use our own area for the day!

It definitely helped that it was the only full day of rain we had, so it was a day for us to relax and rest our aching muscles from all the hikes! but to also go through and start to put together the content from the week!

Our Private Villa in Seminyak - Bali

See our Vlog Here, From Bali.

The WildCreativeTeam xx

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