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The 2000's add-on

As creators,
We are firm believers in capturing moments.

How they are captured, Doesn’t matter.
What matters is freezing a moment in time, Specifically in video for this idea.

We all remember in the early 2000’s,

Stealing the family camera and filming absolutely everything. ( Maybe just us, But you get the idea )

Having those VHS style videos in a cupboard in the garage from a trip when

dad filmed everything with his new, Sony handy-cam v45 video camera. 
They are seriously powerful memories that, regardless of the quality.

- We cherish.

We thought of this idea to capture some of the moments in-between on a wedding day.
BTS of the day - Fun, Personal and Wild content 
to have and keep forever captured by you and the people there on the day from a guests perspective.

C + J-585_edited.jpg

Our “ 2000's Add-on “ is an option to include into your package,
This is a simple idea with a huge impact.

During the wedding day we will have a shitty,

classic handy-cam, Camera on hand to throw around to the bridal party,

get dad back in his element & to pass around the party in the evening

to just capture those real moments that happen in a wedding day,

Which we will then edit together into a rough, fun & raw cut video
to compliment your clean and beautiful wedding film/photo’s you’ll already receive with your package.

We are thinking this video would be in the range of 5-10 minutes but obviously it does depend on how much footage is captured throughout the day and what is classified as “ useable footage “

Please note : This can only be added to our Photo + Video packages.

Keen to let the mayhem begin?

Please drop us a line to add this to your package.

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