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The story of wild weddings

Wild Weddings is a tight knit Wedding Photography and Videography team based out of the Gold Coast, Queensland.

Having been around since mid 2018, We've since become one of the Gold Coast's leading Wedding creation teams with our relaxed, candid and calm approach to Weddings whilst capturing the most authentic, fun and meaningful moments to relive forever.


What makes Wild, Wild?

- Our tight knit team of creatives are incredibly passionate about what they do, and how they do it.
At the ripe OLD of ages of 23 + 24,

Lexi & Adam created Wild Creative Media whilst living in a caravan from pure passion and the love of creating and capturing moments.

Our major focus from the beginning has been on creating the right atmosphere for our couples to be comfortable, Regardless of their past experience in front of a camera.

A wedding day is not a photoshoot, It's a day we are capturing to be relived for the rest of our lives.

- Fast forward to 2023 and Wild Weddings has since become one of the regions most popular, highly rated and well known Wedding creative teams with combined experience of over 2000 weddings,
Adam leads our small team alongside

Andy, Milla, Jess + Dannii.

Lexi works behind the scenes,

Editing whilst raising their young family.

Things have changed over the years but the way we communicate, operate and create has stayed the same throughout and will continue to be the foundation of our incredible little business.

Enough about us, We want to hear about you!
Getting to know and following the journey of our couples is something we are extremely passionate about, Good communication and friendship leading into a wedding day is easily the best way to get the most out of your wedding photography and videography whilst easing nerves about being photographed alllllllll day.

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